Musiques Saison 2018_2019

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Ouzo and black

Soggy bottom summer


Lord have mercy on a country boy

If I said you had a beautiful body

Riding alone

Believe me baby


Day of the dead

Champagne promise

Doin' me wrong

I'm from the Country

Cotton eye Joe

Everybody Gonfin' Gon

Beer for my horses

Bad case of loving you

Let's go there

2 More bottles of wine

Bring on the good times

Ghost town

One more last chance

God's Green Earth


The Island

Happy People

Chip and a chair


A nos souvenirs

Hold the line


I got a woman

Take me home

Place in the choir

Tir Na Nog

Bare Essentials

Loud love


Abilène on her mind


Horses and Hearts

Best adventure

Come back my love

Ordinary girl

This dirty little town

Abilene on her mind

I wanna be a farmer

Jackson morning


Whiskey under the bridge


White whisky

Diamantina drover

Country Girl (shake it for me)

I had one one time

Honky tonk doctor

Country as a boy can be

Old Pop in an Oak

You're easy on the eyes


Bored to death

Who needs Mexico

A little less talk and a lot more action


No face, no name, no number

Home by Bearna

Wagon wheel

Feel the beat


Maybe I shouldn't

Home by Bearna

Honey I'm good

Got a feeling

Viene Mi gente

Something to die for

Hidalgo boogie

New tattoo

Here's to you & I

I be u be

Mamma Mia

50 ways to say goodbye

Look what god gave her

She never got me over you

Cowboy up

Lovely in white

Nothing but you