Sofia to Marc


Last night

Lindi shuffle  Goin' Hamm  Cowboy Madison 
Cotton Eye Joe 

Give my love to Rose 

Cowboy Boogie 
Borderline crazy  Chevy truck  Can't go wrong 
Yes  Country walkin' Where Y belong 
Bullfrog on a log  Two boys  Cowboy Charleston 
Come to dance  Thinkin' country  Slap City 
I won't go huntin'  Twist and shake  Cut a rug 
Electric slide  Drunken sailor  Country as can be 
Balada boa  17 miles X-Plosive 
Hey girl  All about a woman  Beautiful day 
My everything  Little wagon wheel  An absolute dream 
Upside down  Strait down  Cheyenne 
The wanderer  Easy come easy go  My has puppies 
Jessie  Chica boom boom  Rain 
On dirait  Dime store cow-girl  The Harvester 
Tag on  Home to Louisiana  Tornado 
All you need Sweet Maureen  We go home 
Another country  The story of my life  Looking good 
Jr  Get down the fiddle  2 hell and back 
Loreley  Something in the water  Temple bar 
Frenchies  Coming back down  The Bomp 
Joana  Just a girl  Pavement ends 
Around the sun  Happy, happy, happy  A country high 
Indian sound  Big blue tree  Chasing down a good time 
Missing  Gypsy Queen  Hit the diff 
Jambalaya  Lost on you  E & J Swing 
Mustangs  Billy's dance  Man out on the road 
La chapelloise Western barn dance Bored